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If you are thinking about selling some of your furniture or home decor, Do Overz is a great place to get started! When you join Do Overz’s 1900+ other consignors,  you have access to one of the most technological consignor systems available:

  • Each of your items is barcoded.
  • Consignors can login and see the status of their items once they are put on the sales floor.
  • Consignors receive payment as either store credit or check as soon as the item is sold.
  • Consigner appointments are scheduled electronically for all intakes.
  • Automated reminders are sent out to consignors.

What happens to your items after your appointment? Each item is marked with a sticker with your individual account number. The items then head to our pricing team who price everyday items along with more unique treasures. Special items are researched and priced according to fair market values. Once the items are priced and tagged they are loaded up and distributed throughout the beautiful displays in our store.

Read our consignor polices and then call us (515-270-6837) for an appointment to become a Do Overz Consignor!