1. All Things MAGNOLIA & CHIP & JOANNA!!!

Have you seen every episode of Fixer Upper? Have you daydreamed about being friends with Chip and Joanna because they seem like some of the best people on the planet?  Are you jealous of all of the people that have told you of their travels to Magnolia Silos? We’ll, let’s fix that! While it’s not probable that your get to see Chip and Joanna, you will get to see and shop at Joanna’s dream, Magnolia Silos. You will also get to eat some of the best baked goods you’ve ever tasted.

2. Exploring & Shopping Waco, Texas

Not only are we visiting Magnolia, we are taking a tour of Waco and hitting up some of the other shops there as well. If you are a history buff, this is for you! We will spend a little time learning about the rich history of Waco and then continue on with shopping til we drop.

3. Shopping in the Wichita Old Town District

We are going to be doing a lot of shopping on this trip! If you love antiques or cute hometown shops, you’ll really enjoy this stop. There are specialty shops for hard to find brands, cigars, wine, jewelry, and so much more.


Are you obsessed with food? How about Ree Drummond? We are so excited to stop by the Mercantile and the Pioneer Woman’s Lodge on the way back to Des Moines. We will get to see places that are shown on her show. We can’t wait to explore her town and of course, hit up the shops!

5. The FOOD, All the Food!

We plan on working up quite an appetite with all the shopping that we will be doing, so if eating really good food is something you enjoy doing, this trip is for you. There are amazing places to eat in Wichita, Waco, and Pawhuska and we plan on hitting a number of them up.

6. Making new friends!

While you might be strangers to most of the women on this trip, you will leave as friends with many of them. When we went to Waco a couple of years ago, the women that went left new friends for life. So if you would like to meet some new friends who share common interests, this trip is for you!

7. Memories that will last a lifetime

There are sure to be many memorable moments as we travel down and back to Waco, and while you’ll remember many of the places we stop at, you will remember the friends you make, the laughter and the fun. Even better, you’ll have pieces that you purchased along that way that will be a constant reminder of your amazing trip to Waco.


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