New Website!


We have a refreshed website! We are so excited to bring you an updated, faster site to browse new arrivals, learn more about us and sign-up for trips!

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Do Overz Trips


Our trips have been confirmed and we have flyers with additional info in store! Tickets will be live on the website soon, so mark your calendars! Minneapolis in April and Waco in May are both sure to be full of fun! Give us a call to find out more! 515-270-6837

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Road trips


We are once again heading to Magnolia this year, AND we have another trip to Bachman's in Minneapolis! Each trip is packed with fun and is a great value! Stay tuned for more info or you can call and chat us up about it! We can't wait!

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Food Trucks!


I know, I know, ITS FREEZING! But believe it or not, we are scheduling our summer food trucks! That's right, before long we'll all be back out in the sunshine and warm breeze! What could be better than a lazy Saturday morning followed by browsing Do Overz' fun merchandise and grabbing lunch from a great [...]

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This is not a drill! At least 2 fabulous bus trips are coming up for us at Do Overz! We are going back to Waco, We had a wonderful time last year! We also have an exciting trip to Minneapolis planned with shopping, decorating inspiration and more! Final details are being ironed out but -I [...]

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Open Sundays


What a Saturday! If you didn't have a chance to come see us today, stop in tomorrow. We are open 12-4 and often have brand new consignments fresh to the floor! Open 12-4.

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Do Overz Newsletter


Did you know we have a weekly newsletter? We do and it often has our best new stuff even before Facebook! Plus great info on all things Do Overz! To sign up click the link to our website and enter your email in the box for newsletter at the top!

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Appointment Times


We value your items and take our job of processing them very seriously! Because of this, we do need our appointment holders to be timely - not too early or late - so we can properly provide attention to organizing and marking all items that are accepted from our consignors. We thank you so much [...]

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New in Box goodies


When you think consignment do you think thrift? Because these are two totally different animals! Thrift based on donation takes anything and everything leaving you to sort through the trash for the treasures. In a consignment store like Do Overz, we hand pick the best items from what people are downsizing. This means we say [...]

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