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When is the best time to shop Do Overz?


Anytime really! On any given day we get up to 200 new consignment items! Not only that, but we constantly rearrange so that everything gets its chance to catch an eye! That means something you saw last week and thought "meh" on, might have been re-displayed in a way that makes you think "oh, yeah! [...]

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Check out that cool dark colored clock with the little leaded glass panel! How pretty would that be on a farmhouse decor themed wall? You could even give it a chippy paint job!




There are usually some very cool or unique clocks on hand, grab one for that nostalgic tick-tock sound.


Pretty Secretary


No I'm not talking about our staff, I'm talking about this beautiful little drop front desk! Lovingly cared for and ready for a new home; don't miss out on this one!

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