Dixie Belle Paint


There are endless paint combinations to customize just about anything you might want to paint! Old scratched up dresser? Paint it! Tired, outdated kitchen? Paint it! Come ask us how!

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Flashback Friday


Do you remember this piece Christy painted last year? She used Midnight Sky on the body of this antique chest. Then the drawer fronts were lightly sanded to reveal some of the natural wood, which was washed with a watered down coat of Colonel Mustard. An IOD transfer was applied and the whole thing was [...]

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Dixie Belle has a wonderful line of patina paint! With this, you can transform plain decor or furniture into a rusty or verde relic! The REAL metal in this paint oxidizes when activated and will really start to rust or turn green like the statue of liberty! Really! Come check it out!


Dixie Belle Done Over table


This Grey table has had a redo. It is finished in hurricane grey on the bottom and white washed with a custom mix of Burlap and Dropcloth paint combined with satin and gloss clear coat. The beautiful starburst veneer inlay still gets its chance to shine!

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