Colors can evoke emotion in conscious and subconscious ways. When you see red for instance you often associate it with a positive or negative feel depending on the context of the situation. When the red is a flashing light on the cop car behind you it can evoke fear or guilt, but when you see it on a heart shaped box of chocolates around Valentine’s Day, it can evoke a feeling of passion and love.

Here are some of the things colors can convey:

RedPassionate, active, bold, energetic, power, danger, stop, urgency, excitement

OrangeWarmth, social, freedom, motivation, spontaneity, impulse, fun, rejuvenating

YellowJoy, cheerfulness, energy, caution, friendliness, cowardice, intellect, confidence

GreenHope, balance, refreshing, growth, greed, envy, safety, healing, life, restore, sanctuary, generosity

BluePeace, stability, calmness, affection, integrity, tranquility, trust, honesty, authority, sadness, content, rescue

PurpleRoyalty, luxury, dignity, passion, vision, spirituality, quality, integrity, creativity, courageous (sounds like Do Overz, doesn’t it?)

PinkRomance, compassion, faithfulness, beauty, love, sensitivity, respect, nurture, intuitive,

Turquoise: refreshing, calming, sophisticated, emotional, good luck, friendship, tranquility, patience, intuition

Navy: Peace, control, responsible, success, masculine, sincere, order, loyalty

White: hope, goodness, light, purity, cleanliness, simplicity, coolness, emptiness, coldness, sterility

Black: high importance, classy, death, somberness, evil, formality, power, sophistication

Gray: stability, security, authority, strength of character, maturity

Color is a huge part of our everyday life, and it affects our emotions both consciously and subconsciously and the right color on a favorite piece of furniture can help set our mood back where we want it after a long day. Ever wonder why a spa uses neutral and turquoise tones? People find it calming, relaxing, and peaceful. Curious why Target chose red to be their primary color and use it on all of their promotional tags throughout the store? It signifies urgency. This is part of what creates the environment at Target where you walk out with 20 things when you went for 2, and the two things you need originally never made it into your cart.

At Do Overz, we love the color purple. If you read the description above, you would probably say that the adjectives used to describe purple are very similar to the adjectives that you would use to describe Do Overz.

When picking out a new furniture piece, consider the color of it and the feeling that you want to have every time you see it. Is it going in your bedroom where you want to feel calm from grays and blues, is it going in a kitchen where you want it to feel lively with the other yellows and oranges that are there? Is it going in your master bathroom where you want to feel calm and relaxed with neutrals and turquoise tones? And if the color doesn’t match the mood that you are going for, remember that there is always Dixie Belle paint or upholstery/fabric coverings.

Not sure which color to make your piece? Talk to our in house color expert, Christy! She can point you in the direction of the Dixie Belle paint that will work best for your project and even complete it for you if you aren’t the crafty type. Check out here work here.