Why Furniture Consignment?

Furniture Consignment - Why Do Overz?

Selling your own stuff on Craigslist or swap pages is a pain, and let’s be honest, sometimes its scary! Cut out the inconvenience and consign your furniture with Do Overz. We’ll deal with the customers and bargaining, and you don’t have to let anyone into your home! We even clean and display your items in our beautifully decorated store. Your items may even be advertised on our website or newsletter and with our heavy foot traffic, it’s only a matter of time before you have a check to pickup!

Put us to work for you!

Why Consign at Do Overz?

Do Overz is one of the only furniture consignment stores that gives you the consignor 60% of your sales over $100. That really adds up!

In addition, Do Overz takes great pride in our displays. Our store is regularly restaged so your pieces don’t get overlooked. This keeps our inventory fresh and exciting, and keeps people coming in to shop!

Do Overz Furniture Consignment


Do Overz's Consignment Appointments

Appointments at Do Overz are fun. At your appointment, you get to shop and drink coffee while our intake team hand picks the best selling items to consign for you.

Call us for an appointment and you will receive a confirmation and reminder right to your email. How easy is that?

The Consignment Process

What happens to your items after the appointment? Each item is marked with a sticker with your individual account number. The items then head to our pricing team who price everyday items along with more unique treasures. Special items are researched and priced according to fair market values.

Once the items are priced and tagged they are loaded up and distributed throughout the beautiful displays in our store.

Let Do Overz do the work when you consign with us!

Keeping Track of Your Items

Do Overz's Online Tools

Monitoring your items and sales is easy! When your items are priced, they become visible in your online consignor account. Once you’ve logged in you can check your balance for money to pick up, and monitor your items’ expiration dates.

Any questions you may have are easily answered with a phone call or email to us!

Mighty Muscles

If you’ve been to Do Overz, you know we have a tough staff! We move mountains of furniture and decor on any given day and that’s why we do ask that you provide your own muscles for items that are purchased or consigned. We can even give you a day or two to make arrangements with your helpful children, friendliest neighbors, or professional moving team after a purchase.

Ask us about Move 24/7, we can arrange your whole move, big or small, and you can pay through us right along with your purchase! One stop shop!

Bring Your Muscles!