Good Morning! We're open at the store today from 1-5..BUT we have several other options to shop with us!

Currently, you can shop in the store Monday through Saturday from 1 – 5, OR you can simply call us at 515-270-6837 when you see an item on a video, or posted for sale, that you would like to purchase. Let us know when you will be arriving, pull up without leaving your car, and we'll BRING THE HOME DECOR ITEM AND PLACE IT YOUR TRUNK! For all furniture, you can make arrangements to pick it up in the store at your convenience with no storage fees. We're in this together!

We are offering 10% off any purchases, including our Dixie Belle Paint!

We've done TWO videos…our version of the Home shopping Network style! Here is link to watch Part 1 of more great items available at Do Overz…
Here is a link to watch Part 2

Gift Cards
Remember, you can call the store and purchase a Do Overz Gift Card in any amount and we'll mail it to you! What a way to celebrate soon! There's never a fee for our gift cards and they never expire.

Stay safe everyone!