Dixie Belle Paint

Dixie Belle Paint


Have you see that saying that goes "If I could, I would go back and find you earlier so I could love you longer..."? Well we feel that way about this paint! Seriously, its excellent paint and with no VOC's you can use it inside in this cold weather!

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Do you know about Slick Stick?


Painting with Dixie Belle Paint is super easy and it sticks to almost anything! It is rare but for those more challenging surfaces like Formica, laminate or even glass, it really helps to use Slick Stick! A coat or two before painting and after proper cleaning will ensure great adhesion of your paint to the [...]

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Dixie Belle Paint


There are endless paint combinations to customize just about anything you might want to paint! Old scratched up dresser? Paint it! Tired, outdated kitchen? Paint it! Come ask us how!

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