We love repurposing, restoring, and DIY (inexpensive) projects! Here’s a great one…you’ll need…rubix cube(s) and peel off letters from Dollar Tree, white and black paint, and Mod podge. Instructions: paint the rubix cube white, then dry brush with black paint. When dry, add letters and then apply a thin coat of Mod podge. That’s it! You can make blocks that say anything you want…LAKE, HOME, FAMILY….have fun!!! We have tons of great home decor to place with your new blocks!!

We’re open today 10-7!

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💜💜💜Get your reservations for our 2020 women’s trips early while there’s still openings! You can click the links below for complete trip info!!! REGISTER early to save your spot! The links contain all info and online registration-

April 27 – May 1 – Magnolias, Mercantile, & More. Click here for more information https://dooverz.com/trips/waco-trip/

September 14th – 17th – Girlfriends "Giggles & Gifts" Getaway. Click here for more information https://dooverz.com/trips/indiana-2020-trip/

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