Facebook LIVE Shows

Do Overz Facebook Live Shows

Our LIVE Facebook shows offer you an opportunity to shop from the comfort of your own home. You can watch our daily LIVE shows; purchase by commenting, sending a Facebook message, or calling the store at 515-270-6837 between 10:00 and 6:00 Monday through Friday and letting us know what item(s) you'd like. You can conveniently pay over the phone, then pick up your treasures.

It's simple...WATCH...PURCHASE...PICK UP! 

Do Overz is more than just consignment of home decor and furniture. We're dedicated to offering you the most creative ways to design your space. Our consignors provide the most amazing items to our store each day. Our team is constantly amazed! In addition to showing items that are for sale at Do Overz, we also give creative design ideas during our videos!

Sneak Peek to start your week - Monday at 11:00 a.m.
Join our stylist, Shelly, in the staged room we call our vintage and primitive room. We'll show all things, but focus on giving you a sneak peek of vintage, rustic, and farmhouse items!  This Monday favorite is a perfect way to start off your week!
Monday, August 15th...Missed it? Click here for the rewatch

'Tuesday with Pat' - Tuesday, 9:30 a.m.
Join our stylist, Pat, for a look around the store to see what's new while learning some fun design tips and tricks too! You'll have lots of great ideas after you've spent some time Wednesday morning time with Pat.
Tuesday, August 16th...Missed it? Click here for the rewatch

Thursday at the Paint Shack with Christy! 
Join our custom painter, Christy, doing a LIVE video on Wednesday's at a time when she has a break from painting with different tips, tricks, project updates, and many great things happening in our Do Overz Paint Shack! Make sure to 'Like' Do Overz on Facebook and go to the settings to get notified when our LIVES begin! You can always watch the rewatch here! 
August 2nd...Missed it? Click here for the rewatch

'Behind the Counter' - Friday's 
Enjoy our new Friday Facebook LIVE show...'Behind the Counter' with Joann (lovingly referred to as 'Sloppy' for Sloppy Jo because we DO love her, she's not sloppy at all!). Joanne is our 'behind the counter' team member, she and Cheryl will be showing items she has behind the counter ready to go onto the floor before the weekend. It's also a great time to remind our viewers of what's going on at Do Overz and what events are coming up! So...enjoy episode one of 'Behind the Counter!"
Friday, August 12th...Missed it? Click here for the rewatch